Declaration for a better Europe

Young people on their way to European citizenship

Comenius Project


In the European year of Citizenship (2013), this project aims at developing a sense of European citizenship amongst the participating students. The students are supposed to work on a declaration including their ideas of a future Europe, so to say a constitution of young Europeans. This will be done authentically during meetings which will be organized like parliamentary sessions, where each country sends experts into a parliamentary committee to jointly work on several corner stones of the declaration such as:


Foreign policy: Should Turkey be a member of the EU or how far can Europe be enlarged?


Financial issues: The Euro – good for all European countries?


National affairs: A multicultural Europe without borders?


Political committee: How must a future Europe be governed – the role and rights of the young Europeans.

The result, the «Declaration for a better Europe – Young people on their way to European Citizenship», will be published and then be sent to and discussed with local, national and international politicians. Throughout the project, the students will communicate on a mutual virtual platform to keep contact and exchange ideas. They will also create artefacts showing the ideas of the project to bring the idea of a young constitution to their friends and families. Lastly, the project will initiate an ongoing process of young people staying in contact with political institutions of Europe and make themselves heard with their ideas of future politics: a true European citizenship.

Comenius Project 2013-2015