Declaration for a better Europe

Young people on their way to European citizenship

Comenius Project


Motivation for the project

The European Union and its structure, values, and cultural and political cooperation are rooted in European curriculums. But taking recent European political schedules into consideration, one could think that the main idea of the EU is dealing with the financial crisis. This topic is dominating society, and people seem to forget what the original idea of the EU was: bringing people together, creating a peaceful future by letting them work together on cultural, social and political issues.

Europe is about helping young people to create a better Europe, and this is why we have come up with this idea of bringing young Europeans together to work on it, and to help them making themselves heard. They will develop ideas for future politics in Europe, which won't just deal with the stability of the Euro or bond-buying programs, but with their own concerns.

Thus, the students will find their way back to finding more positive aspects about the EU, and carry on its ideals into the 21st century.



Committee 1: Constitutional chapter of the Declaration For A Better Europe

This committee will consist of one student from each country who will decide on the future EU system of government and the central points of the constitution. This will happen by developing a mutual version of the prepared opinions and voting.

Must the future European Union be more centralized, or must it be more federal, with single states taking an active part in decision making?

Which are the weaknesses and strengths of the system of government of the European Union?

When creating a constitution for Europe, which sections are the most important? Human Rights, Environment...?

Outline the system of government you would like for the EU


Committee 2: Preamble of the Declaration

What are the aims of the Declaration For A Better Europe?

How should the future Europe be governed?

How far should the EU be enlarged?

The rights and duties of young Europeans

Advantages and disadvantages of being a member state of the EU

Pros and cons of the Euro Multiculturalism


Committee 3: School system

Draft for a common school system



Comenius Project 2013-2015